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Digitalization affecting the Moroccan made products market, to be open worldwide

Digitalization affecting the Moroccan made products market, to be open worldwide

E-commerce worldwide rapid growth let it to be adaptable to every taste, need and service consumers are willing to consume. In this article, we are going to talk about the effects of digitalization “internet era” in affecting the wholesale market in Morocco, and in the Mediterranean region.


Morocco, a country that have rich diversity of dishes, tastes and cultures leading of course to impact the way products are made in the country. From middle eastern and Indian spices and condiments to furniture, all can be planted and made today in Morocco. On top of that, there are some products that cannot be made neither found in anyplace in the world but only in Morocco, such as Argan oil, saffron and many other products that are known to be originally from Morocco.


The country has established a program called INDH (Initiative nationale pour le developpement humain http://www.indh.ma/), where the cooperative system comes first. This system allows 5 members to gather, and to create a cooperative that is specialized in developing or making a Moroccan made product (argan oil, saffron, condiments, furniture, clothes) following quality standards (ISO / ONSAA / ECOCERT / IMANOR…) Government also tries to facilitate exportation matters, in order to encourage Moroccan companies to start exporting goods worldwide.


The rise of digitalization in Morocco let platforms such as rakarik.com to be created allowing the cooperatives or Moroccan made products producers to sell their products online either in retail or wholesale worldwide. In addition, these platforms are making Moroccan made products available to all consumers wherever they want, and assuring good quality products.

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