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Box of 10 Medical Mask KN95. Get Protected From COVID-19

How to protect yourself and your family from CoronaVirus ?

KN95 masks (Filtering Face Piece against particles and viruses) are personal protective equipment (PPE = respiratory protection devices) with international standards like NIOSH / EN149:2001 / EN14683, and following efficiency tests.

  1. The disposable medical mask KN95 is 96% efficient.
  2. Made in Morocco.
  3. We are not affected by COVID-19
  4. Delivery between 3 to 7 days


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100% Made in Morocco on the one and only Online Wholesale Moroccan Store Rakarik.com

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$ 120.75

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With Our KN95 Masks You Protect The People You Love and Yourself From COVID-19 !

How to use the Medical Mask KN95.

1 - Place the mask on the face, and the nasal bar on the nose.
2 - Pass the elastics behind the head while holding the mask, without crossing them.
3 - Pinch the nose strip with both hands to adjust it to the level of the nose.
4 - Check if the mask is well put.

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Product Material Made

1. Type: KN95
2. Material: Soft cotton / Four layers of Activated Carbon Layer / Air filter / Activated carbon layers / Earring / Non Woven
3. Type of strap: Earring / head strap

Shipment and Payment details


Shipment details 

Rakarik ship by air with shipment services

It takes between 1 day to place the order to the shipping services

It takes between 2 to 7 days to receive your order in the given address by the shipping services. (the shipping services bring your order up to 3 times if not in home)  

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