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Rose and Argan moisturizing cream for face 3.53 oz. Look younger naturally !

Rose and Argan moisturizing cream for face starts to be good when everything else starts to be bad. Let‘s say you are going out and you want everyone to remember your smell. Let’s say you love organic products. Rose and argan cream has it both beautiful rose smell and benefits of argan and roses oil. Let’s say your skin is dehydrated due to stress and air pollution. Hydrate your skin with rose and argan cream benefits. Let’s say, everyone is getting old, have face wrinkles. Your rose and argan cream has all the benefits of roses oil that prevent and smooth wrinkles, and make you look younger naturally. So, Let’s say you still don’t have a rose and argan cream. Click add to cart and enjoy yours today from RAKARIK ! Free shipping is and helping persons in need is what we do the most !!   

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100% Made in Morocco on the one and only Online Wholesale Moroccan Store Rakarik.com

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How to use Rose and Argan moisturizing cream for face 3.53 oz. Look younger naturally !

Apply daily on your face and neck your rose and argan hydrating cream morning / evening

Massage slightly in circles to increase the benefit of your cream (More of our products. From here!)

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Sara jabri

This is what every women needs


Rose and Argan moisturizing cream for face 3.53 oz. Look younger

Love this!! I use this every day on my face and neck (sometimes body) and wow what a difference and smell. My face don’t get dehydrated after use at least for 24 hours. So healthy feeling!!!



apres usage, ma peau est devenue parfumée de rose pendant une longue durée. En plus elle m'a vraiment hydraté la peau pendant ce froid. je la recommande

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